Mar 28, 2014

James Franco denies relationship with Lindsay Lohan

James Franco denies relationship with Lindsay Lohan

The recent news about the list of publications InTouch "love wins," Lindsay Lohan caused a serious stir among the public. And the magazine decided not to publish the names of all 36 at once "personal document", and divided them into several "visits" to whet the public's interest. Thus, according to the source, of boyfriends "overnight" actress listed as Ashton Kutcher, Orlando Bloom, James Franco and many other famous handsome.

To find out how truthful list Lohan edition Los Angeles Magazine decided to get first-hand information. In a recent interview with the magazine staff asked one of the participants to comment on the scandal James Franco gossip.
Many now accuse me that my new book Directing Herbert White I mentioned Lindsay Lohan. But I did not say anything bad about her. And she, in turn, lied about me in her list of "love wins." My remarks at her as nothing compared to her lies about me and our relationship. But before we were friends. 
Recall that in 2012 Lohan and Franco worked together on a video clip group REM, in which she played the title role, and James acted as director of the roller. After this project, reporters attributed the famous novel, but as an actor once said, he rejected Lindsey and between them there was nothing. So maybe your list scandalous star now revenge for past wrongs?

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