Mar 22, 2014

James Franco and Seth Rogen kidding Kim Kardashian 'Vogue' cover

The network makes collectively from the "Vogue" cover by Kim Kardashian and Kanye West funny!
Once again, James Franco and Seth Rogen a joke could not resist. They mounted their heads unceremoniously on the title screen and Posts were there on Twitter. For this purpose, they wrote, "It had to be done".

Not the first action by the two joke biscuits. Last year she veräppelten West's music video "Bound 2" with their parody "Bound 3". Kim took it with humor and tweeted how much could they laugh about it.

Whether Kim Kardashian in this case proves so much humor? One dares to doubt almost, because it just einprasselt from all possible directions on it. Many people do not agree that such a prestigious fashion magazine like Vogue depict a reality star and her rapper boyfriend. Some Internet users even sure that the editor in chief Anna Wintour must have been bewitched.

The cover has penetrated even to the Muppets. They put it in their own way by - Miss Piggy as a beautiful bride with Kermit on the title, Vague '. While Kimye were still shown as the "most talked couple" of the world, Piggy and Kermit to be even the "most talked about couples of the UNIVERSE".

James Franco and Seth Rogen kidding Kim Kardashian Vogue cover