Mar 25, 2014

"Hercules": The first movie poster

The Rock: "Hercules" is the role of his life

Who could the demigod Hercules from Greek mythology better embody as Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson (41)? Exactly: no one! The Wrestler is a born performer Hercules. With his muscles, he can easily make the twelve labors that are required of him as the son of Zeus.

Now published Dwayne Johnson on his Facebook page the first official poster for his new film "Hercules". For the first time the Hercules performer is to see it from the front. Other images that published the 41-year-old some time ago, showing him bare from behind and let the breathtaking scenes of the sets in Hungary recognize. On the movie poster you can see "The Rock" completely unfamiliar with long dark hair and a full beard. His muscles, which he had thriving even more with special foods that are naturally also great advantage. Before him seething fire, and in the hands of the performer holds a large mace. It seems as if he would run screaming into the fire. Compared to USA Today, the actor said: "I was born to play this role." . Because the good has obviously quite

fantasy and action fans will be pleased: The film by director Brett Ratner is on 25 July come to U.S. theaters. In Germany the film this year will premiere later.