Feb 28, 2014

Genuflection: Miley teased Liam's marriage proposal

Miley teased Liam's marriage proposal

After the huge success with their album "Bangerz" let Miley Cyrus does not wait with the notified after the board tour of the U.S. long. And as befits its new image, the concerts are versext without end. But there are also romantic moments. ! One remembered the singer of old times with Liam Hemsworth!

Whilst it might be a lot of stars have been reminiscing as a visitor of the tour, is one certainly not present: Liam. For after the separation, the former couple has to say anything nice. Instead, Miley finds solace by cuddling with her pal Matt Peterson, who joins the show in Phoenix to her on stage. Apparently, the two go totally from each other. Matt goes for the 21-year-old even to his knees. Your reaction to it was a clear shot against her ex, "I have been to this location and it has come to no good this out when a guy has gone the last time for me to my knees," she said about not melancholic, but much more amused.

Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus