Mar 3, 2014

Fergie and Josh Duhamel: Axl Jack leaves the big game!

We provide him the Oscar for best baby bib class ... Axl Jack is very chic when it's time to sit at the table!

As Brad Pitt or Bradley Cooper, Axl Jack began on Sunday on his 31 ... But it was not to go to the Oscars. Far from Dolby Theater in Hollywood, the adorable baby simply out all the stops to ... Skip to table! Sonny Fergie and Josh Duhamel has unsheathed his best bib-type jacket black and white suit accompanied by a bow tie.

The cliché, posted on Instagram, by actor daddy immediately reacted the (already) fans of this little one just 6 months old. Real daddy, who camped, from 2003 to 2008, the role of Danny McCoy in the hit series "Las Vegas", was recently described as the perfect family head:
"This is the father of the year! It is the best partner to have a child "
confided the former Black Eyed Peas ShowbizSpy. Before proceeding by pouring out its role of mom.
 "The best thing is simply to spend time with my baby I listen, I tell him and I tried to teach him his first words as 'nose' or 'dance'.