Mar 18, 2014

Exception condition! Beyonce paralyzes airport

Beyoncé paralyzes airport

With pyrotechnics and big beats Beyonce had their entrance in Cologne, as they halted with their "The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour" in Germany. But it could be the back door, as it secretly and quietly went to the next tour destination by plane. Since Beyonce had not reckoned with countless photographers who were waiting at Cologne airport on her and her cute family.

According to that, they looked annoyed when she discovered the lurking paparazzi crowd before security control. Here Beyonce looked stunning! But daughter Blue Ivy appeared to be somewhat cranky - the flashbulbs of photographers had just been missing. With husband in tow and Jay-Z, who accompanied them already in Dublin was that he is self-acclaimed plates millionaire, but currently holds its successful woman back free and takes care of moving to their daughter.