Mar 13, 2014

Emma Watson on the cover of Elle in April

Emma Watson graced the April cover of the U.S. version of Elle magazine and talked about life outside of filming the role in the film "Noah" and the envy of other actresses.

Many admire her 15-year career in Hollywood and successful roles after "Harry Potter".

Emma Watson on the cover of Elle in April

The importance of life outside of filming Emma expressed as:

remember read that Elizabeth Taylor's first kiss, playing a role. On the set. It really struck me. I do not know how or why, but I have the uneasy feeling that if I was not really careful, it might be me. I could kiss for the first time in someone else's clothes. And all my experiences would not belong to me.

On the role of foster daughter Ila November blockbuster Darren Aronofsky's "Noah":

Everything that happens with this family, like Shakespeare's works. They are in a confined space for forty days and forty nights. End of the world - we can see how different people cope with it coming. They are good? They Bad? All these themes are eternal.

About other actresses:

All these actresses who have appeared in movies in recent years, they are perceived as real human beings. I'm so jealous!

By the way, director Aronofsky also spoke:

We started to shoot with one of the most difficult scenes with Emma. We worked in Iceland on the beach with terrible weather conditions. Because of the strength of the wind, we almost did not hear the actors. The sun then came out, then go away. We had to wait for the right light: "Work! Works! Works!" Then: "Wait, Wait, Wait!" Emma was able to survive and focus on emotions.

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Emma Watson on the cover of Elle