Mar 3, 2014

Ellen DeDzheneres fed famous pizza

Popular American TV host Ellen DeDzheneres fed pizza spectators who came to the ceremony 68 Academy Award Oscar.

Celebrity, which together with other guests of the show and the audience 4:00 welcomed the new winners in a row, decided to make sure that no one went hungry and as diligent hostess , decided to feed the audience.

She called the Big Mama's & Papa's Pizzeria and ordered several large pizzas. Deliveryman thought to leave her behind the scenes, but to find a customer, he had to go out into the hall. Now the guy will learn on different sides of the ocean.

Meryl Streep, Jennifer Lawrence, Harrison Ford, Kerry Washington and Julia Roberts did not hesitate and was eating globular refreshments for both cheeks, while their colleagues Brad Pitt and Kevin Spacey helped guy from pizzerias to distribute napkins pizza and wishing.

Star "Wolf of Wall Street" by Leonardo DiCaprio refused pizza was apparently not in the spirit (why would it?). Jared Leto as a caring son, mother to worry about that this evening accompanied him, and took her to a slice of pizza.

Ellen flattering fun situation demanded Sandra Bullock tip, but the star of "Gravity" insisted that the money with them did not, because TV presenter switched to Harvey Weinstein.

«And where Harvey Weinstein? Harvey, I do not allude to that, just a million people watching you at this moment. Do you think that you'd better do? "- Ellen asked.

Celebrities gathered in the famous hat tip Farrell Williams, eventually the guy from the pizzeria was not only known worldwide, but $ 300 for tea.