Mar 27, 2014

Despite TV-show: Kylie Jenner wants more privacy

You already graces the cover of international fashion magazines, her love life is discussed in public, and also with the constant posting of permissive Selfies ensures Kylie Jenner repeatedly hit the headlines. But with all this will now be an end! The Kardashian Scion finally want some privacy and actually withdraw from the public.

For years Kylie Jenner did not really have an impact on how much they themselves are in the spotlight, but she was raised by her family in Keeping up with the Kardashians inevitably in the media. Now, the TV star has the nose of it but obviously full.
 "I've decided my private life, as much as possible, keep out of the public. I'm 16 and still wants to just be now and then a child," Kylie now announced via Twitter.
 More and more it feels from the outside world apparently stuck in a drawer and evaluated.
 "There's a part of me that you do not see. Judged So people do not until you have not lived their life," positioned the model clear.
 But on the family's television show Kylie still want to continue to participate, in so far as it ever gives it a sequel. Like the rest of the family just seems to want to do without Kylie not quite up to the media attention.

Kylie Jenner