Mar 25, 2014

Columbus Short: Brutal! "Scandal" star beats husband nearly to death

Against "Scandal" actor Columbus Short are violent accusations in the room. In an engagement ceremony in Los Angeles, the actor is supposed to be freaked out and beat up a man present in the most brutal manner. Columbus had it so long stamped on the victim and kicked until it was apparently lifeless to the ground. Even then let the TV star is not of the man from and taught him so bad that all eyewitnesses of them went out, he has been reporting dead

As TMZ, it was on 15 March came to the debate, because the victim had made a derogatory remark about the wife of Columbus Short. This does not seem like he wanted to leave and the man broke first with a targeted punch to the face, the nose. Now, however, photos have surfaced confirming the statements of those present: The 37-year-old man is my bloody face and closed eyes on the ground and makes the impression of being closer to death than to life

After Columbus Short. His sacrifice has so extremely beaten up, he should have leave the bar without further comment, while the 37-year-old was taken by ambulance to the hospital. The police are now investigating allegations against the "Scandal" actor.

Columbus Short: Brutal! "Scandal" star beats husband nearly to death