Mar 29, 2014

Christina Aguilera a girl

In February, the public learned that Christina Aguilera and her boyfriend Matt Rattler will soon have a baby. And now, during a recent speech in Malaysia singer declassified the sex of the baby. According to the source, at her beloved celebrities and the light will be a girl.

Star arrived in Malaysia to perform at the festival Twin Towers, but because of the tragedy that befell flight MN370, the concert was canceled. Aguilera did not want to upset their fans and put on a show right at the hotel where he stayed with his team.

As one member of the audience who attended the speech, in a break between songs Christina confirmed rumors about his beremnnosti and even shared information about future offspring. So, she said that it would be a girl and that she will be born in four months.

Recall from Aguilera already has a child from his first marriage to George Bretmanom - six year old son Max.