Mar 24, 2014

Charlize Theron: Party without Sean Penn

Charlize Theron goes to a party in Beverly Hills

While Sean Penn away, Charlize Theron has decided not to waste time and meet up with friends: paparazzi "spotted" the actress when she was sent for her birthday. With a course she picked up gifts. By the way, did not accompany her holiday not only Shawn, but another favorite man - the son of Jackson. Well, every woman sometimes need private time!

Recall that three days ago Charlize was in Miami - where she could rest and work. Now the actress is back home in Los Angeles. By the way, soon, as they say, it can relocate. Not a city, but the house - rumored Sean Penn is preparing to move his mansion and a small Charlize Jackson.

However, now he is in Paris Penn. There he was spotted at a dinner with 20-year-old Adel Ekzarkopulos. Apparently, our colleagues have folded very affectionate relationship. Hopefully, that's no reason to be jealous Charlize, because their Penn in Hollywood already considered almost perfect pair.

Charlize Theron goes to a party in Beverly Hills