Mar 27, 2014

Caught! Paula Patton in the arm of another man

It was recently reported that Paula Patton is not too impressed by the reconciliation and conquest Try her estranged husband Robin Thicke shows. Now it seems to be a good reason for the reluctance of the actress: another man!

Latest Paparazzi photos show Paula and her publicist Jeff Raymond on the set of a photo shoot. They look very familiar: He lovingly touches his "client" on the back and not soaked her the whole time from the side. A simple collegial relationship looks somehow different.

How quickly can develop a love of a professional working relationship, already showed Heidi Klum. After her separation from Seal she fell in love with her bodyguard. Opportunity often makes just love. But Robin will love these snapshots do not like for sure! After all, he insisted on his last concerts ever how much he still love Paula.

Paula Patton in the arm of another man

Paula Patto