Mar 14, 2014

Body of Paulo Goulart arrives at the Theatro Municipal de São Paulo

Actor, who dieu on Thursday, 13, had opened to the public wake. Burial will be on Friday, 14, at the cemetery of Consolation.

The body of Paulo Goulart arrived at the Municipal Theatre of São Paulo late on Thursday, 13, promptly at 23h. The coffin had to wait a few minutes to be withdrawn from the funeral car because the audience watching a show at the Municipal left the site. The funeral was open to the public. Have the funeral will be on Friday, 14, at the cemetery of Consolation. Second medical bulletin issued on Thursday, the actor died of an advanced kidney cancer at 13:15.

Family Paulo Goulart, died on Thursday, 13, spoke to the media at St. Joseph Hospital in São Paulo. The actress Nicette Bruno, with whom Paulo  was married for 60 years, was accompanied by the couple's children:. Paulo Goulart Filho, Barbara Bruno and Beth Goulart

"It was a painful end, but it was a very peaceful passing with much love to all the children and grandchildren at his side. I hand in hand with it, because our love is eternal. then we will have that moment of separation, but we will be together forever.'s very hard for me to say anything at this time because emotion is very big and strong. Pain is great, "said Nicette quite thrilled.