Mar 3, 2014

Began the trial of Oscar Pistorius

Began the trial of Oscar Pistorius

n South Africa, began hearing the criminal case of murder Riva Stinkamp. The accused - boyfriend model, Oscar Pistorius Paralympic chepion.

Today, the third of March, sotoyalos first meeting, during which Pistorius has pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder girlfriend. Protection of the accused continues to insist that Oscar took the girl for a burglar.

Paralympic testified that on the night of 14 on February 15 last year, he was awakened by a noise in the bathroom. Thinking that the girlfriend in bed with him, Pistorius shot several times in the bathroom door. It turned out that the door was Stinkamp, ​​who died before the arrival of doctors.

During the process sdedstvie plans to question about a hundred witnesses. The sentence will be vynensen March 20.

Previously reported that the prosecution insists that Pistorius Woman shot after an argument when she went into the bathroom and locked the door there, he wore dentures, walked right up to the bathroom and started shooting. Then it was reported that the parents of the deceased demanded financial compensation Paralympians. Apparently, to settle the matter out of court by not work.

Since the process caused an unprecedented interest in South Africa on Sunday launched a non-stop cable television lighting trial of Oscar Pistorius. So, everything that happens in the courtroom, you can shoot video with the exception of the appearance of witnesses and the protection of those who do not wish to get into the camera lens.

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