Mar 24, 2014

Another stellar selfie: Jimmy Kimmel and Clinton family

Another stellar selfie: Jimmy Kimmel and Clinton family

Still, Laura Ellen DeGeneres and her "very stellar selfie" ceremony with "Oscar" haunt her colleagues. So Jimmy Kimmel decided to try to outdo one picture and be photographed with the Clinton family.

Photo was taken in Arizona, where Jimmy and the Clintons came to participate in the next session of the Clinton Global Initiative University. Kimmel selfie published with the comment:

No Brad Cooper, but three Clinton and Kimmel.

"Three Clinton" - a former U.S. president Bill, former Secretary of State Hillary country and their daughter Chelsea. On selfie there are also other people, but they did not mention Kimmel.

Course, selfie Jimmy immediately became popular, but rely on the fact that he "outperform" DeGeneres is not necessary. Still, Ellen with his "Oscar" dream team surpassed by the number of retweets of the Barack Obama with his photo with James Cameron and Helle Thorning-Schmidt from the funeral of Nelson Mandela, as well as photos megaizvestnoe president and his wife Michelle after winning the election in 2012. View full

Barack Obama - also master selfie

The process of photographing the most popular selfie, "Oscar" -2014