Mar 10, 2014

Anastasia said the offenders on the Internet

As you know, Anastasia Volochkova accounts in social networks - especially objects attention from so-called "trolls". In most cases, of course, interested in his own person does not lose itself Anastasia, giving his detractors new information causes.

Early March is traditionally the artist decided to spend the Maldives and share holiday photos with Instagram in the social network. Thus, the series received negative comments your address (this time online detractors had claims to the feet of a ballerina), Anastasia decided to answer his enemies.

Anastasia said the offenders

- Yes. There are blisters on my feet tired out ... And they do not spoil me - says Anastasia. - This is the result of my work, which brings joy to my audience. But more ugly corn - on the evil tongues of many of you - writers. Who, except for Scandal, nothing more in life no one knows!