Mar 29, 2014

After Rehab: Selena Gomez celebrates and gets drunk

Selena Gomez celebrates and gets drunk

the celebrities just do not what they actually would do well. Especially when it comes to go through with a rehab stay, so take some stars to escape and break the withdrawal prematurely, including Selena Gomez. Earlier this year the singer should actually recover six weeks in a clinic and stay away from alcohol and drugs. This alone was Selena but hard and they showed up just shortly after the demolition already back with a glass of wine in hand. Now however, it will get worse.

On an Oscar party to Selena is neatly shot down and have celebrated it with acting colleague Jared Leto. Also on St. Patrick's Day Sel gave himself the alcohol and cigarette consumption as a source of In Touch Weekly able to report. "You have not ordered anything to eat., You only ordered drinks and are now and then went outside to smoke cigarettes. They seemed to be drunk anyway."

Such behavior is certainly not correct when one fresh out of a rehab. Especially Selina's family and friends are now worried about the 21-year-old "., Her family asks her to go back into rehab and not to talk to Justin"