Feb 15, 2014

Zhanna Friske:Treatment goes according to plan

Zhanna Friske  Treatment cancer

Doctors conducted a consultation. Treatment Zhanna Friske goes according to plan - shared with "KP" close friend of the singer, "Mrs. Russia 2012" Anna Gorodzhaya. - We called up with Zhanna - her voice cheerful. She laughs and optimistic. Understands that the treatment will last for one month, but it warms that close relatives - husband and friend Dima Shepelyov Olga Orlova. And most importantly - the doctors are very good. American doctors tell her the right thing: "Everything will be okay We will win! Look out the window - what nature, life is beautiful!"

Zhanna Friske and all her friends to thank fans for their support. For it is very important that millions of people supported her in difficult times, not only money but also prayers.