Feb 11, 2014

Yulia Lipnitskaia absolutely can not eat

Russian figure skater Yulia Lipnitskaia, which won the audience and the judges with his performance at the Olympic Games in Sochi, forced every day to fight against excess weight. About this portal Team Russia-2014 told coach athletes Etery Tutberidze.

«In my work with not face - she just can not eat at all. <...> When she needed to lose weight, it is the only powder "squeeze" - a fiber that gives energy. It is heavy, and the weight goes down very slowly - from 100 grams per day, "- said Tutberidze, stressing that the 15-year-old athlete himself to deprive.

Now the youngest athlete of the Russian team flew to Moscow from Sochi. Here she will train next week. The fact that the skater is not enough ice in Sochi, and a half-hour sessions a day it is not enough. While Yulia Lipnitskaia will prepare for the short program, which will present on February 19, her coach ponders how to cope with the excitement of the Trust. Indeed, during the team tournament skater nervous.

«We need to draw conclusions and to understand why she started to get nervous. Team tournament ride harder, because any program need to win again from scratch, because the results of the short program and are not considered as lost earnings would be an advantage there. Wheels canceled and need to re-win the first place "- said Tutberidze.