Feb 12, 2014

Why? Justin Bieber was removed from the squad of superstars

In the waxworks cabinet of Madame Tussauds in New York now a star is less. Justin Bieber was removed from the squad of superstars. Reason, however, were not all his scandals, but his fans.

Only a few weeks ago the singer was arrested because he was driving a car race while intoxicated and not only his, but also the lives of all other people in the nearby is said to have threatened. However, the distance of its image plane from New York's Cabinet had another reason. As the New York Post reports, many of the wanted fans of the Canadian musician their star, or rather his character, touch it or take a picture with him. Therefore, the wax Justin was quite drawn over the years affected and was therefore quite destroyed.

But there are clear by the Cabinet Manager and hope for the Belieber, because Madame Tussauds would like to have a new Justin. Let's see if or when it is finally time.