Feb 4, 2014

Well, if Eva Mendes really pregnant!!?

Just over a month ago, there were rumors in the media that Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling broke up, but this does not prevent the first actress to say that she is pregnant, and then deny their own words. 

Eva Mendes pregnant

Situation was as follows: at the weekend Mendes hit the lenses of the paparazzi, when she was at the airport in Los Angeles - her appearance did not cause any suspicion, but the actress refused to pass through the scanner - metal, citing the fact that she is in an interesting position.

Now representative stars and she denied that such a situation occurred:

Eva never held scanners at the airport - she prefers a manual check.

strange situation is not it ?

Well, if Mendes really pregnant, we hasten to congratulate the actress and we hope that the baby's father did Gosling.

Eva Mendes pregnant