Feb 23, 2014

Viktor Ianoukovitch is trying to avoid further bloodshed [Vidéo]

President Viktor Yanukovych was aired on one of the channels. He said he was not going to resign.
- I'm not going to leave the country and resign ... I'm not afraid, I legitimately elected president - Viktor Yanukovych said. - Panic swept normal people today - and in the West, and in the Center and in the East. I've seen that done in Kiev. According to my car shot, but I have no fear. I covered the mountain for our country. I feel responsible and that we are going to do next, I will every day to talk about it publicly.

As recent events in Ukraine, then, according to the president, there occurs a coup.

In a conversation with a journalist, he also commented on the output of many members of the Party of Regions from the ranks of the political forces.

- There are traitors. The party has survived many such times. We survived the 2004-2005 year. Then there was a party of about 200 thousand, but then there came 600,000. Now the situation is probably happen again. Anyway, the party healthy, - assured the president.

At the same time, he condemned radicals that attack the party members. He said that the people's deputies on Friday stoned when they came out of the building of the Verkhovna Rada.

- We see Nazi repeat when in Germany the Nazis came to power. Then banned party. Now the same thing: ban the Communist Party and the Party of Regions, harassed, beaten people, set fire to the offices - Yanukovych said, speaking about the political situation in the country.

Note that earlier in the Verkhovna Rada has information that Yanukovych wrote a letter of resignation. However, after it denied Anna Herman.