Feb 25, 2014

Trouble in sight? So sexy is Beyoncé new video

Beyoncé new video

Beyonce never fails to delight his fans: the other day we discussed world tour singer Mrs. Carter World Tour, in which celebrity will perform in dozens of capitals, and now fans have the opportunity to assess the star provocative new music video for the song performer Partition.

In the latest video viewers will have an interesting story about how exemplary housewives can attract the attention of men. Movie begins with a breakfast of the heroine and her husband. Man more busy studying the latest news in the newspaper than its attractive wife. Next, the audience learns that at this moment is Beyonce's character: "add a bit of fire" in a decaying relationship singer offers via seductive dance sexy lingerie and role-playing games.

Role of wife of the main character performed by Jay-Z. In an interview, Beyonce said that the filming took place in the famous Paris nightclub Crazy Horse and explained the choice of this institution.
Birthday Jay-Z, I decided to please him, and led to Crazy Horse. I remember watching the performance of girls and admired them. Their show was so sexy. I thought, "I'd like to be on this stage and also to speak to her husband." And here I am to fulfill his desire. 
Something tells us that participation in a new clip Partition brought Jay-Z is not less fun than one holiday gift Beyonce.

Beyoncé new video

So sexy is Beyoncé new video