Feb 6, 2014

There are rumors of a death in the family Zhanna Friske

Persona singer and actress Zhanna Friske now being actively discussed on the Internet, her life and creativity grows lots of rumors, it is inevitable for the public people.

 A few days ago, the network has information that Friske was a twin brother. When Vladimir and Olga, dad and mom Joan waited addition, physicians reported that they would have twins.

 Wife wanted to name children Ruslan and Lyudmila. But, according to rumors, the children were born two months premature, and the boy was born with a congenital disease and soon died. Parents named the girl, who was born weighing only 1380 grams, Zhanna Friske.

 Fans of the singer and just caring people, learning about it, came to the conclusion that Friske has conquered death once and do it again.