Feb 19, 2014

Teresa Palmer gave birth to a son

The family of Teresa Palmer and Mark Webber replenishment actress said happy news that their son was born.

Joy 27-year-old Palmer shared with subscribers of their Instagram. The actress has posted a touching photo that signed so:

thank God for what he sent us this gift from heaven - our baby. I present to you Body Raina Palmer. He was born last night, birth went well.

Teresa explained that the name of the Body is "lit up" and Rain - "a blessing." She also explained why the boy was given his mother's surname:

We decided to give him the name of Palmer, because the eldest son Mark Isaac also bears the name of his father.

Teresa and Mark were married in Mexico in December year. They hurried to the wedding, because really wanted to play it before the birth of her first child.

Palmer soon return to work, as now planned to shoot several projects with her participation. Nearest same premiere will be Terrence Malick drama "Knight of Cups", in which Teresa starred with Christian Bale, Cate Blanchett and Natalie Portman.