Feb 6, 2014

Teen Mom Farrah: 'I was raped several times'

Teen Mom Farrah raped

Farrah Abraham, known from the reality show Teen Mom made with their behavior again and again stir. What they are now, however, divulged in an interview that allows their absurd actions appear in a different light. Because, as she explains, she was beaten as a child and later experienced more than one rape

In the American inTouch spoke the young mother about how much violence they had to endure in her life already about yourself. She accused her now divorced parents to have them regularly beaten with a belt and even though she was still a little girl. "I had cuts, bruises, swelling, and scarring. Those days has made me ready and made me feel as if I would not live," said the 22-year-old. That was also the reason for its beauty operations. She wanted to thereby gain more self-confidence. "I try to be perfect," she explained.

The great crash came after her sex tape when she has delivered with the wrong people. "I was down several times and raped drugged. It was a bad time," she revealed in the emotional interview. Meanwhile helps her therapy with the traumatic experience to deal properly.