Feb 17, 2014

Surprise: Justin Bieber makes music again!

Surprise: Justin Bieber makes music again! A real news after the turbulent last few months, in which he mainly drew attention to himself with stupid things.

On Sunday (February 16) of the teen star invited to a video on Instagram, which shows him in a dance routine with the rapper Khalil and choreographer Nick DeMoura. In the background run so far unheard sounds.
I, @ @ nickdemoura khalil and dance to a new song I just wrote, "Justin commented on the 15-second clip. The song would have fit his presentation here also certainly good on his new album "Journal".
In recent days, Justin Bieber posted some pictures of the studio work and his "crew" to which, inter alia, be bully-buddy Lil Za heard, he has not yet kicked out of his life.

End 2013 announced Justin Bieber, who recently referred to himself as a "workaholic", a break from the music, but apparently he keeps it then but not without his job from