Feb 28, 2014

Sister Natalia Vodianova robbed

In the family of Natalia Vodianova trouble occurred. Model, often communicating in social networks, decided to appeal to the collective wisdom. As it turned out, the problem happened in Natasha's younger sister, 17-year-old Christina.

«The other day my younger sister-student flew from Nizhny Novgorod to London via Moscow" Aeroflot "- wrote Natalia. - Flew early Sunday flight at 6:00 am. At the airport, she was asked to Strigino open the suitcase, then asked to open the box with the spirits that was lying next to laptop, notebook advised move of the spirits, saying "ugly looks on the computer screen," whatever that meant. She shifted the laptop closed and handed over a suitcase. Upon arrival in London in the laptop bag was not found. Suitcase flying without registration in Moscow, that is, directly to London.

Younger sister, even naive, that she had to take - who hides in a laptop bag that sit in the luggage. By briefcase also no claims (tea, not Louis Vuitton). And the staff of "Aeroflot" and airport employees - Strigino Nizhny Sheremetyevo in Moscow and London Heathrow I have not even a question, but please, if found, return, please laptop for a fee. The sister there all coursework for the upcoming exams and just creativity ».

Subscribers Natalia, which is now preparing for the birth, immediately gave her valuable advice, incidentally specifying whether shook his suitcase in the film, and whether there is damage to baggage , filed a statement of whether Vodianova in customs Nizhny Novgorod, and also recommended to make a description of all working for change at the time of registration.