Feb 26, 2014

Sharon Stone: 'Surgeons are lining up to me in the queue'

Sharon Stone plastic surgery

Sharon Stone told how surgeons try to impose a facelift and admitted how difficult it was to accept his age.

In an interview with U.S. magazine Shape Stone complained:

You can not imagine how many plastic surgeons have tried to impose on me a facelift. It is unethical because the Hippocratic Oath prohibits harm, and similar operations can be disastrous. This is bad.

Nevertheless, the actress refuses to condemn people who have decided to go under the knife:

If it is necessary and appropriate procedure, then yes, do it. For example, when at age 20 I fell off a horse, my neck scar. I cleaned it.

I just do not think that in 20 years it is necessary to go crazy over huge breasts and cut his face. All begin to look the same. We have 400,000 girls with white hair, the same noses, huge lips, implants in the cheeks and perfect teeth. They have indeed become more beautiful?

Stone told The Age the following:

The idea that youth - the only thing that gives beauty and appeal, is not true. I do not want to be "ageless beauty." I want to be a woman who looks good for his age.

Aging - easy. When I was a little more than forty years, came a period, I went to the bathroom with a bottle of wine, shut the door and said: "I'm not going until I can fully accept your current appearance".

I examined his person with a magnifying glass, looked at the body - and cried and cried and cried. Then I said to myself: "Now you'll get old. How do you do it?"

I thought that I want to grow old as dancers: keep the body in excellent shape. I like to dance and do stretching, as well as go to a fitness room.

Then Sharon found harmony with yourself and revised food:

I like steaks - they fit me perfectly, since I have very low cholesterol and low blood pressure. But the meat is not for everyone: talk to your doctor.

I also eat fish and cheese. Like most simple food.

Before I drank wine, but now completely abandoned alcohol. I think at some point, better for women to follow my example, because alcohol can make your face, chest and other parts of the body are very blurred. 

Sharon Stone plastic surgery

Sharon Stone plastic surgery