Feb 16, 2014

scandal: Stefan Raab does not know the der Bachelor

In Schlag den Raab there besides sports games and skill tests with traditional Whatever the duel in "Shame or Cash". The counterparty get actual questions from different categories provided, where they can shine with general knowledge. In the first issue of the year it came on the quiz even see an exciting showdown in the suddenly intervened and the Bachelor! But Christian Tews was not a surprise guest of the show, but one of the trickiest questions of the contest

After Elton presented his boss Stefan Raab and whose opponent Michael the question of what TV format you know the Berlin Christian Tews. But instead of as quickly as possible to cut down on the buzzer and to smash the correct answer was found in the faces of the two gaping void. Neither Raab nor the candidate knew that Christian is the Rose Cavalier, looking more or less successfully his great love in South Africa. After a few seconds of silence quizmaster Elton finally broke the tension and said: "The Bachelor!" But this resolution presented Stefan Raab not satisfied because the only annoyed countered: "I remember me the name of a matter of principle not" A nasty provocation towards Bachelor!

However, despite the knowledge gap Stefan grabbed the quiz and won the match ball for themselves!