Feb 18, 2014

Rodriguez & Delevingne are a pair?!

For weeks is rumored that supermodel Cara Delevingne between and actress Michelle Rodriguez runs. That the two strikingly understand well, is no secret. However, whether their relationship is purely platonic or goes beyond a pure friendship, was still unclear -. Yet now Michelle has made even the rumors to an end

In an interview with the English Mirror made the former Lost actress no move more to hide their affection for the 14 years younger model. When asked about the relationship of the two she replied.. "It's going very well between us is so cool when we started to spend time together, I just thought she was just great and we just have a good time together but they. can also be quite tough. You do not want to mess with her ... "

rumors of a love affair between Cara and Michelle were first emerged after the beginning of the year were closer come quite publicly at a basketball game. It is now even been speculation about whether the two openly bisexual women want to move in together.