Feb 5, 2014

Rihanna offered money for the funeral brutally murdered fan

Barbados singer Rihanna has donated money to the funeral of his 14-year-old fan Thiago Sobral Valence from Brazil. The guy was from a poor family and all his short life collecting money for the concert of their idol. Thiago also collected discs, clippings from newspapers and magazines.

The teenager was killed by a drunk stepfather during a family scandal. Also Thiago despot sent to the light of his mother and 9-year-old brother.

Learning from what happened from fan forums, Rihanna got in touch with the family of the deceased and offered financial support, however, a father refused to Man. He asked only to arrange a tribute to his son, "he looked down from heaven».

Impressed by the incident, Rihanna tweeted: "Rest in peace, one of the best of the fallen soldiers. Brutally murdered Thiago from Brazil bude always in our hearts. " A little later she added: "Just found out that my mother also died and younger brother Thiago! Oh my God! Let's support of his family and friends at this difficult time for them. "