Feb 1, 2014

Prince William has banned the brother to marry

Duty to the royal family and prevents blood Prince Harry choose her the girl, which is his heart. Recently it became known that the elder brother Prince Harry, Prince William's younger brother against relations with Cressida Bonas.

I must say that the girl Harry too blue-blooded, but after Cressida stepfather committed suicide by swallowing narcotics, Cressida appearance at court was how to put it mildly, undesirable.

William explains his position that, after wedding to Kate Middleton and the birth of their baby Georgie love to British royal family began to grow. The turning point in relation to the crowned family was his mother's death Princes William and Harry Princess Diana, in which the British adored. After her death, many were unsure of involvement of the royal family to the tragedy. Now that the love and trust of the British in any case can not spoil dubious connections and scandalous relatives.

Rumor has it that Harry beside himself with rage, and torn between feelings of loyalty to the girl and her family. Its beginning to annoy everyone around indicate how it looks (grandmother told to shave his beard), and with whom to meet. I must say that Harry was not a frequent visitor of his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, now seems to be with my brother and he will have a strained relationship.