Feb 1, 2014

Planned sex change? Bruce Jenner became a woman

At the appearance of the ex-husband of Kris Jenner (58), Bruce Jenner (64) are always to recognize major changes. The hair is longer, the facial features always feminine. Now, a photo of him once again surfaced, documenting his tremendous versatility. 

Bruce Jenner became a woman

Former Olympic Athlete, who was last by his separation from Kris in the headlines, seems to convert the woman more and more. Also, his Adam's apple he was already "beautify". This procedure is done by many men who want to also undergo a sex change later. Whether Bruce because so really been planning something? Even with his general appearance is always active female, be it the hair, the face or the figure and long fingernails. Really the "laryngeal shave" behind ..

Will Bruce be a woman - at the new photo you can see him now, as he leaves a hospital in Beverly Hills with a bandaged neck? Supposedly he was looking even for a new name for his female I: Instead of a female form of Bruce, but he had probably "Brigitte" envisaged - of course in reference to Brigitte Bardot. Even Bruce has not yet ruled on all these rumors, but also ex Kris is aware of Bruce's extremely feminine side clear.