photoset called Towel Series: Kate Moss and other models in the lens of Mario Testino

Towel Series:

Fashion photographer Mario Testino often puts exclusive pictures of supermodels, which removes for glossy magazines, on his page on Instagram.

This time the 59-year-old photographer from Peru shared with subscribers photoset called Towel Series: Kate Moss Miranda Kerr, Kate Upton, Candice Sveynpol, Emily DiDonato and other models appeared in the lens, bath robes and towels on their heads.

Towel Series: Kate Upton

Towel Series: Miranda Kerr

Towel Series: Towel Series: Kate Moss

Towel Series: Candice Sveynpol

Towel Series: Emily DiDonato

Towel Series: Hailey Clauson

Towel Series: Cameron Russell

Towel Series: Xiao Wen, Tian Xuan And CC and

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