Feb 4, 2014

New videos: Zhanna Friske changed beyond recognition

The fate of Zhanna Friske, who is now undergoing treatment at a clinic in the U.S., watched by millions of compatriots. Recently in the network appeared shocking videos, which show that Joan has changed a lot, gained some weight, but her face is still recognizable.

The attending physician Friske said the singer offered a course of treatment, which lasts about a year. Despite the fact that Joan practically can not move independently, doctors say her condition is stable and the treatment brings results.

Now near Jeanne is her common-law husband Dmitry Shepelyov and best friend, colleague Jeanne on "Brilliant "Olga Orlova. Olga specially flew to New York to take care of a friend.

Also supported Jeanne and Sharon Osbourne, wife of rocker. Several years ago, Sharon was able to beat cancer and now wants to help Joan.