Feb 18, 2014

New Love Nest for Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas

After Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult spent a common love vacation in the British home of the actor, they demonstrated with a public kiss at the Golden Globes love. Shortly thereafter was also known that the two young stars got engaged. Together, they now want to start in their future.

To go a step further in the direction of a life together, told The Sun that the two have now bought a house in England.
 "Jen loves the English lifestyle and the two together it's serious. So it makes sense, somewhere to buy something,"
 said a confidant told the newspaper.

 "They fell in love with the house when she saw it. Know that it is not realistic at this point in their careers, to live in the UK, but they want a common retreat have" revealed the insider.

your new home should be very near Nicholas 'parents' home in Berkshire. During her Christmas visit, the two should have fallen in love with the house that they have bought now.