Jan 31, 2014

New clip of Jennifer Lopez Same Girl

Jennifer Lopez never forgets where she came from, and periodically releases compositions devoted to her native district of New York Bronx. The network has a new video for the song Same Girl, in which celebrity, like many years ago in the hit Jenny from the Block, says that it is still the same simple girl.

New clip of Jennifer Lopez Same Girl

In the latest video singer admires views from the roof of the Bronx, walking in the streets and families communicate with local residents. In addition, Jen down and rides the subway to Manhattan - a trip J.Lo committed every day to get to the studio, where she studied dance and vocals.

In an interview, the singer shared her impressions of the video and filming video, which took place in late December:

Perhaps this work was the craziest in all my music and acting career. So cool that I have the opportunity to start shooting spontaneously, without planning anything in advance and without considering all the details.

Lopez Often have come so spontaneous ideas the joy of all her fans.