Feb 24, 2014

Miley Cyrus kissed Katy Perry: 'I liked it!'

In concert last night at the Staples Center in Los Angeles with his new tour, the Tour Bangerz, Miley Cyrus was able to count on the presence of Katy Perry with whom she shared a steamy kiss on the song "Adore You".

Exchange a kiss with Katy Perry was taking too much Miley Cyrus could not resist ...
After passing through Vancouver last week, where she launched her Bangerz Tour, then Tacoma, where she stuffed the string of one of his fans in his mouth, and Anaheim, where she simulated oral sex with a false Abraham Lincoln, Miley Cyrus spent last night (Saturday, 22 February) the most important room in Los Angeles The Staples Center.

For this new concert "educational", American singer 21 years sought the assistance of people in the audience, and not just anyone, Katy Perry. Freshly back from the Milan Fashion Week, where she walked for the Moschino brand with Rita Ora, Katy was allowed to kiss Miley during the song Adore You.

"I just kissed a girl and I really liked it a lot "commented Miley just after kissing Katy, referring to one of the tubes of the California Gurl.