Feb 26, 2014

Madeleine of Sweden: This is the name her princess!

The smallest details of Sweden's mini princess are already transpired since their birth last Thursday: The little girl look "like her mom," Princess Madeleine of Sweden. So at least the words of the proud papas Chris O'Neill - and, of course vöööllig objective in his assessment! Thanks to the father-pride spellbound mitfiebernde public already reached a photo from the foot-print of the little daughter, and then - FINALLY - a picture that revealed tiny facial features. But the name of the little ones stayed until last Swedish state secret. The tension of the media was in the meantime gone so far that the child's father a telltale twitch was sealed in the facial features, the proposal of the name "Alice".

But either Chris O'Neill is a very good actor, or he made a joke of it, to fool the journalists a bit. The name of the new Swedish princess and finally clear - In any case, the big announcement is going to happen now! The ceremonial announcement called Sweden's King Carl Gustaf specifically a special cabinet session - all for the royal in the world so important titles, names and nicknames of the baby! Her Royal Highness Princess Leonore Lilian Mary, Duchess of Gotland, which is the full name and title of the small nobility shoot!

And a particularly sweet shoot that is at that. The Swedish royal family published with the names announced a photo of the mini princess: Wrapped in a pink blanket and polka-dot cloth, sleeping small Leonore the blissful sleep of the newborn! An almost velvet Glow is on the gentle face of the little girl. These eyes, these lightweight pouty lips: Is there not already a resemblance to Papa Chris recognizable? And the nose - which comes but almost uniquely by Mama Madeleine

And judging by the second photo of the Swedish royal family after, the newly minted two-time grandparents, King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia have of Sweden, it now managed to New York to the small Leonore!

We called the little princess Leonore any case, welcome to the aristocratic world!