Feb 12, 2014

Leonardo DiCaprio on the pages of Variety magazine February

Hero of the latest issue of the magazine Variety was one of the major newsmakers of our time - Leonardo DiCaprio.

Hollywood actor not only took part in the photoset, pictures of which were at our disposal, but also gave a frank interview to the edition.

During the conversation with the correspondent DiCaprio remembered a few stories from his childhood, told about his career, friends, and the last project - Martin Scorsese's drama "The Wolf of Wall Street," based on real events.

On first listen:
Children tried to intimidate each other, looked at his peers from the top down. But even among such an environment, I met people who have become my best friends. 

On the career:
When I started acting, I was not thinking about acting as a career. For me, Hollywood has always been a magical world. Then I thought about how to save enough money to go to college. 

The work on the film "The Wolf of Wall Street":
We knew we were going to do a film about the incredibly unpleasant people, but Marty (Martin Scorsese - SPLETNIK.RU) said: "I created a lot of movies and I think that if you are faithful to their thoughts and do not try to give people a false sense of motivation, the audience will go along with you on this road ".