Feb 15, 2014

Kristen Stewart: Women are not the 'weaker sex'

Kristen Stewart | Instagram

Kristen Stewart breaks a lance for the women's world. In a recent interview with the magazine, stylist 'she spoke out against sexism from 

"People refer to women as the weaker sex - that's crazy.", The ex-Twilight Beauty. "You have to argue against it and be prepared for things that are hard and serious."

"The female pursuit is different than that of men. Men have an instinct to make a mark in the world, that we remember them, "Kristen explained. Women, however, are considered to be "filled with the selfless drive to create things. ., But the largest part of efforts to find out what can be good, and to pursue it "

" It's a total cliche - a man in a position of power is regarded as self-confident, a woman is, however, a , bitch. '"In addition, Kristen Stewart thinks that people are much quicker to stop to listen to a woman when they do it in a man.