Feb 11, 2014

Kim Kardashian sisters are ashamed of their father

Kim Kardashian's stepfather, 63-year-old Bruce Jenner, the other day was the first time seen in public since hondrolaringo plastiki surgery to remove the Adam's apple. In addition, a man boosted and made fashionable hair coloring "Ombre". However, such a metamorphosis into confusion his daughters - Kendall and Kylie Jenners.

«Kylie and Kendall did not know what to think. They are confused. After Bruce really began to look more feminine! Especially hard for 16-year-old Kylie, because some of her friends released jokes about the appearance of her father. Furthermore, ridicule in the media also took their toll. And if Kendall continues to spend time with his father, then Kylie does so only on the set, "- said the source RadarOnline.

However, the first wife of Olympic champion in decathlon 1976 Linda Thompson, and their sons Brody and Brandon fully support Bruce Jenner. They believe that all my fault current wife Kris Jenner Bruce. Woman known for his passion for plastic surgery, and has placed it on her husband.