Feb 27, 2014

Kilo-killer? Therefore Ariana Grande eats only vegan

Ariana Grande vegan diet

Always in the spotlight and in the focus of photographers - in almost all stars and starlets, it revolves around a perfect appearance and the accompanying figure. Hundreds of diets have been developed in recent years and dropped again. Some proved to be successful and others less so. A diet trend that has prevailed more and more in recent years, is the vegan diet. Some celebrities swear by it, including the singer Ariana Grande.

In the Spring issue of V magazine shows the 20-year-old from their normal page as a playful young girl. But unlike some others in their age, Ariana emphasizes on the subject of nutrition. In your opinion, many people eat animal products from a completely wrong approach. For the proteins that are contained in meat or milk, actually belong to the nutritional components of a completely different group: "Think about it, cows produce milk with nutrients for cows Perhaps this is also the reason why many Americans end up looking like cows. "

Ariana Grande vegan diet

Ariana Grande