Feb 28, 2014

Katy Perry has brought a baby into the world!

Katy Perry has brought a baby into the world

Last was rumored Katy Perry and her lover John Mayer could have had separately despite previous Wedding speculation. Instead, it now went one step further in the house of Perry: For there was a baby alarm! Perhaps the singer wanted to drive their recently arrived Twitter Fan record with a baby message even further into the air. Because so much is now clear: The Pop-tube has brought a baby into the world!

Katy's Twitter message said:
 "Finally, you can also 'helps to bring World of Babies in living rooms' add to my CV It was a miracle of one day!".
 The fact that she is said to have brought a baby into the world, given the recent very slim and very un-pregnant Katy would actually be quite a miracle! But it can be given the all clear:
It was not probably her own child. Because Katy has signed the short message with "Aunt Katy aka stylists Aunt".
 The looks that way, as could Katy her older sister Angela Hudson have been at a home birth to one side. Whose pregnancy was revealed late last year.

The "Woman of the Year" Katy itself has not yet commented on their short-message. Probably the singer enjoys it that half the world is now shattered head over an unknown baby, instead of continuing to tear his mouth about a possible end to their 18-month relationship with John Mayer.

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