Feb 12, 2014

Katy Perry groped Anna Kendrick breasts

Katy Perry groped Anna Kendrick's breasts

It was a strange night ...

The actress was a two-time victim of Katy's bosom attacks. The first time happened at the after show party at this year's Grammy Awards:

"Katy fingered my breasts. It was a strange night ... she's very mature," Kendrick recently told talk show host Conan O 'Brien.

At the party Kendrick was wearing a low-cut dress by Azzaro:

 "Somehow I've asked If no one did, I would have been a bit sad.", The witty actress.

I touched a girl and I liked it!

But it did not remain in an incident. Anna on Twitter now provides a photo that proves how happy Katy grabs her colleagues at the Breast:

"You can let it not easy," Anna writes to the snapshot on the Katy posing with a scared facial expression for a photo while her hand rests on the right breast of Anna.

How fitting that Katy and her boyfriend John Mayer, 36, according to "TMZ" recently in a strip club with many dollar bucks tossed around ...