Feb 16, 2014

Kanye West: Shoes auctioned For 16 million

Kanye West Shoes auctioned

Kanye West is a man of extremes. Whenever the rapper has his finger in the pie, it must be greater than ever. A good example of this is the planned day-long and pompous wedding ceremony, he wants to celebrate with Kim Kardashian. But now he has probably taken care of for a new record for eternity. 

Here, the musicians had actually only indirectly something to do with it. But to the beginning: For the sporting goods manufacturer Nike Kanye had brought the sneaker collection "Air Yeezy 2" on the market. The course was a very short time - more precisely ten minutes - sold out. Even if that's a record, but this is not yet the record. Following many of the copies on eBay have been offered and one of the couples went for the incredible price of 16 million dollars over the table! The lucky buyer of a pair of shoes could even purchase a villa in West Hollywood or about 30 Ferraris for the money.

An incredible price for a single pair of shoes. The other auction winners had more luck, because they paid an average of $ 15,000, which is also still a lot of wood. In the shop the transgressors the way only cost $ 245.