Feb 24, 2014

Julia Pieper friend - 'Now you will always belong to me'

The German winter sports is in shock: How the police confirmed Biathlon-coming talent Julia Pieper killed last week. A Facebook message her friend Toni Foertsch now ensures irritation

As the Mescheder police spokesman Lutger Rath said the body of 19-year-old athlete was on 16 February at her parents' house found in her home town of Winterberg. "It was suicide. Pieper shot himself," said Rath on.

Pieper has information after the "world" killed with their own biathlon rifle.

"Her sudden death leaves a deep sadness. Our thoughts at this difficult time for her family and friends, "it says in a statement the German Ski Association (DSV)

Enigmatic: Just days after the death of his girlfriend, posted Pieper partner who sledders Toni Foertsch, a disturbing Facebook message:

"Now you'll always belong to me ... a lifetime Now you have. ., what you have always wanted you * forever * Penguin Power - here. Langenfeld - Ötztal "

The accompanying photo of the happy couple both from last summer has since become the title of his profile picture. Both radiate into the camera while the 19-year-old back tying her hair.

Whether the Junior World Champion in doubles, the embassy or written after the death of his girlfriend, is unclear. However, the lines suggest that the pretty blonde had planned their suicide a long time.

Pieper struggled with mental health problems

In the past, Julia Pieper had been struggling with mental health problems, they say. So they had gone in 2010 for several months in a clinic at the Chiemsee to make treat their eating disorders.

Despite a car accident in which she had gone for unknown reasons against a tree, she was allowed to take their gun home.

A momentous mistake.