Feb 5, 2014

Irina Shayk undressed in Sochi

Irina Shayk a montré le maillot de bain érotique exclusif pour les Jeux olympiques

Model Irina Shayk arrived at Olympic Sochi. Girl is preparing for the opening ceremony, and in between times pleases fans of spicy pictures.

In the photograph, published in "Instagrame" girl posing in bed. From clothes to her only cap and gloves sets Olympic forms that Irina applied as a bra. Sheik company was one of the mascots of the Games - Leopard.

Irina Shayk undressed in Sochi

Note that in the opening ceremony to attend the world-famous Russian ballerina Diana Vishneva. It is in his "Instagrame" jointly published a picture with Sheik and reported that they are preparing for this important event.